Standing pee for women, with a Liberpee pee spout that is possible! Pee standing up whenever and wherever you want. During walks in the woods, without a toilet nearby or simply with a dirty toilet.

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You probably know the problem: having to urinate badly but nowhere to be seen a (clean) toilet. This plastuit is really a godsend. The Liberpee can offer a solution for every moment of urinating. Dirty toilets, long queues at festivals are no longer a problem. The urination spout can also be used while walking in the woods where there is no toilet anywhere.

The Liberpee plastuit is made of high-quality polymers with a very high density. This ensures that the urethra is very hygienic because no odors, residues and bacteria can remain behind. Do you want to sterilize the Liberpee? This can be done simply by placing it in boiling water. The Liberpee is easy to use and can even be used while sitting. Comes with a waterproof pouch.

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