Do you like long-distance walks and Rotterdam? Then this hiking guide is perfect for you!

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In this beautiful guide, environmental historian and writer of walking guides Kees Volkers takes you on a dozen long-distance walks through the lesser-known Rotterdam ‘outer city’. No forest lanes or farm roads, but ‘urban walking’: relaxed walking on quiet paths, through urban greenery, along rivers and harbours, historical structures and unexpected gems. And always a park, waterfront or tavern nearby to process the impressions.

The walks vary in length from 8 to 18 km. All walks start at an easily accessible point on the edge of the Rotterdam city center. From there they meander through the captivating outer shell in the direction of the ‘Rotterdam villages’: once located in a rural area, until they were swallowed up by the rapidly expanding city.

The walks are provided with extensive environmental information, a clear route description and a route map. In addition to walking pleasure, the guide offers an excellent opportunity to get to know the city in all its aspects.

Size: 12.6 x 21.0 cm
Size: 128 pages
ISBN: 978-90-78641-36-0
Binding: paperback

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