Dordrecht and the surrounding area have a beautiful nature. This guide takes you along these beautiful areas.

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There are few cities that offer as many options for walkers as Dordrecht. Of course there is the history of the city itself. The monumental buildings and the beautiful squares with cozy terraces and cafes guarantee cosiness, history and liveliness. A detour in this city is definitely worth it. Then there is also the unique location at the crossroads of large and important waterways. In Dordt there is always an unexpected corner or gate from which you can see the busy rivers. On a bench at the Groothoofd you can easily enjoy yourself for a few hours with the variety of ships that pass by.
And if you’re tired of the crowds, a fantastic network of water bus connections will take you to the polders around Dordrecht, the windmills at Kinderdijk or the nature in the Biesbosch within half an hour. Unique in this guide is the support provided by the posts of the hiking network. So even less chance of getting lost and with the tips of the authors, a terrace or a nice pub is always within walking distance. The guarantee for fourteen fun days around Dordt!

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