The Pinewood Tiveden Stretch Women’s Jacket is breathable and water-repellent. Made of polyester, cotton and elastane.

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The Pinewood Tiveden Stretch Women’s Jacket is comfortable, functional and stylish! The jacket is suitable to wear during various outdoor activities, but also in daily life. The durable and windproof jacket is made with the TC stretch fabric, which ensures maximum breathability and high comfort. The jacket is also quick-drying.

The Pinewood Tiveden Stretch Women’s Jacket has several storage compartments. So you can store your essentials easily and safely. Both the hood and the end of the sleeves are adjustable. The jacket is treated with the ecological coating – Bionic Finish® Eco for extra water and dirt repellent properties.

Product Features:

  • Stretch
  • Breathable
  • Water repellent
  • Material: Polyester, cotton and elastane

Polyester is a synthetic material made from petroleum. It is a durable, smooth fabric that is soft to the touch. In addition, it is lightweight, does not need to be ironed and dries quickly.


Cotton is a natural material that comes from the cotton plant. The cotton fibers are spun into a yarn that is often used in clothing because of its durability, comfort and strength. In addition, cotton has good breathability and can easily absorb moisture.


Elastane is a synthetic fiber that is exceptionally elastic. Due to its great stretchability, but at the same time its firmness, it distinguishes itself from other synthetic fabrics. For example, it is stronger and more durable than rubber, but also much lighter. Elastane is very lightweight and is therefore very suitable when you are going to do activities. Elastane also offers a lot of room to move because it is so elastic, without losing the fit.

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