The Osprey Talon 26 L/XL Backpack is a versatile backpack for adventurous men. The backpack has an airscape back panel and is made of recycled nylon.

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The Osprey Talon 26 L/XL Backpack is the ideal versatile backpack. Whether you are going to climb mountain peaks or go bikepacking, this backpack is ideal. The lightweight backpack has a breathable AirScape back panel, which feels very comfortable. In addition, the Osprey Talon 26 L/XL Backpack has a continuous wrap harness and hip belt that move with you. The lightweight backpack is equipped with a hydration reservoir and attachment points for hiking poles and ice axes. The versatile Osprey Talon 26 L/XL Backpack is made from recycled nylon.

The AirScape back panel is made of injection-moulded and die-cut foam, which ensures a breathable fit even close to the body. The stretch harness and hip belt provide extra comfort and allow for dynamic movement.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 56x28x22
  • Weight: 1000 grams
  • AirScape back panel
  • Versatile
  • Material: polyamide



Polyamide, also called nylon, is a synthetic material made from petroleum. Polyamide is a strong fabric that does not tear or crease easily. It is light, elastic, easy to fold and dries quickly. A disadvantage of polyamide is that it does not absorb moisture well.

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