The FjallRaven Travelers MT men’s jacket has an integrated hood and is made from recycled polyamide and cotton. The jacket can be worn both in everyday life and during distant outdoor adventures.

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The FjallRaven Travelers MT men’s jacket is a versatile and quick-drying jacket. The jacket can be worn not only in everyday life, but also during walks in distant jungles. The FjallRaven Travelers MT men’s jacket has a two-way zipper at the front and an integrated hood.

The chest pockets are ideal for storing small items. In addition, the side pockets and security pocket on the inside of the jacket provide storage space. The sleeves of the FjallRaven Travelers MT men’s jacket are reinforced and have an adjustable drawstring at the hem.

Product Features:

  • Weight: 505 grams
  • Number of pockets: 5
  • Integrated hood
  • Material: recycled polyamide, cotton
Recycled polyamide (nylon)

Polyamide, also called nylon, is a synthetic material made from petroleum. Polyamide is a strong fabric that does not tear or crease easily. It is light, elastic, easy to fold and dries quickly. A disadvantage of polyamide is that it does not absorb moisture well. Polyamide is unfortunately not biodegradable, but it is recyclable. With proper use and maintenance of the product, it will last longer, making the product sustainable in the long term. Recycled polyamide is therefore a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.


Cotton is a natural material that comes from the cotton plant. The cotton fibers are spun into a yarn that is often used in clothing because of its durability, comfort and strength. In addition, cotton has good breathability and can easily absorb moisture. Cotton can discolour due to light and the stretchability of the fabric is limited.

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