The Deuter Compact EXP 12 SL women’s backpack is the suitable backpack for cycling. The backpack offers all possibilities to be prepared on the road!

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The Deuter Compact EXP 12 SL women’s backpack is the suitable backpack for cycling. The backpack has a bicycle helmet attachment on the front. With the compression straps on the side it is also possible to attach a bicycle helmet with a visor to the backpack. The backpack has an extra pocket on the outside for a drinking bottle, a pocket for your phone and two zipped pockets on the hip fins. There is also a storage compartment for your laptop and other valuables. There is a glasses holder on the shoulder strap, so you can easily attach your sunglasses to your backpack. The Compact EXP 12 SL has space for a water bag with a maximum capacity of 3 liters. The content of the backpack can be increased between 12 and 17 liters. A rain cover is supplied with the backpack.

Product specifications

  • Weight: 950 gr
  • Content 12 + 5 liters
  • Height: 44 cm
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Depth: 17 cm
  • rain cover
  • Helmet mount
  • Expandable content


SL fit

The SL fit has been specially developed for women, but can also be worn very well by men. The SL fit differs from the regular fit in three ways.

Shorter back

The back is shorter, because women generally have a shorter back than men.

Conical hip straps

The hip belts are adapted to the female pelvis. The hip straps run diagonally from top to bottom, creating a conical shape. This means that the bag adapts completely to the female anatomy.

Narrower shoulder strap and soft cuffs

The shoulder straps are tailored to the narrower shoulders of women. The tires are not only narrower, but also have a clear S-shape and have soft edges. The shoulder straps taper narrow at the ends. This contributes to a perfect fit.

Back panel

Airstripes system

This backpack has the Airstripes system. This system consists of two profiled Airstripes cushions with a ventilation channel. This ensures little contact with the back so that fresh air can circulate well. At the same time, the weight remains close to the body, which ensures good stability.


PFC free

This backpack is produced without the use of environmentally hazardous fluorocarbons (PFCs). The use of PFCs in the textile finishing ensures that clothing becomes water, dirt and grease repellent. In this backpack an alternative finish has been used without the use of PFCs. This makes the product water and dirt repellent. Only an oil-repellent effect cannot currently be achieved with a PFC-free finish.

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