The Bauerfeind Run Performance Compression Socks are compression socks. The socks provide you with targeted support, so you can run comfortably for hours!

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The Bauerfeind Run Performance Compression Socks are compression socks that can handle your longest running sessions. The socks are specially designed to provide extra firm support for your calf muscles. This keeps you fit for longer and in the event of an injury, these socks also ensure a faster recovery. The socks are elastic and breathable, providing a perfect fit.

Product specifications:

  • Suitable for men
  • Extra support for the calf muscles
  • Elastic
  • Breathable
  • Perfect connection
  • Material: Polyamide, Elastane



Polyamide, also called nylon, is a synthetic material made from petroleum. Polyamide is a strong fabric that does not tear or wrinkle easily. It is light, elastic, easy to fold and dries quickly. A disadvantage of polyamide is that it does not absorb moisture well.


Elastane is a synthetic fiber that is exceptionally elastic. Its great stretch, but at the same time its strength, distinguishes it from other synthetic fabrics. For example, it is stronger and more durable than rubber, but also much lighter. Elastane is very lightweight and is therefore very suitable when doing activities. Elastane also offers a lot of room to move because it is so elastic, without losing the fit.

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Black, White


44-46 (L), 38-40 (M)

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